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Mindray BC 3200

Mindray BC 3200


Closed tube sampling

Sampling with 4 position tube holder

Micro sampling of 13µl

3-part differential, 19 parameters +3 histograms

Up to 60 samples per hour

Large color LCD display

Data storage of 35,000 samples with histogram

Data management in external PC

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Mindray BC 2800 Vet


Mindray BC 2800 Vet


12 pre-determined animal settings plus four programmable on request

3-part differentiation of WBC for Cat ,Dog, Horse, Rat, Mouse and Rabbit. 18 parameters+ 3 histograms

Fully automated, compact, flexible and low cost

2 sample modes: whole blood and prediluted

Throughput: 25 samples per hour

Automatic sample probe cleaning

Huge data storage of 10,000 sample results with histograms

Mindray BC 2800 Vet Quote
Mindray BS 200


Mindray BS 200


Discrete, random access, automated

200 tests per hour, up to 330 tests per hour with ISE

LIS interface bi-directional

Optional for ISE module and internal bar code reader

Up to 40 positions for samples and reagents respectively

Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection, collision protection

Reversed optic system with 8 wavelengths: 340-670nm

Refrigerated reagent compartment


Internal bar code reader for sample and reagent

ISE module


Mindray BS 200 Quote


Financing Available For US Residents Only

Mindray Hematology and Chemistry Analyzers are Available World Wide. The BC 3200, BC 2800 Vet, and BS 200 are available in the US.

We carry all parts and reagents for the Mindray BC 2800 Vet, BC 3200, and the BS 200. Please Contact Us for your parts and reagents needs.