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Occult Blood

The cost-effective Hema-Screen® Lab Pack is designed to collect the specimen and perform the assay in the laboratory. This assay utilizes built-in positive and negative monitors, provides results in two minutes and is stored at room temperature. Formatted to meet your needs, each test kit comes complete with Hema-Screen® developing solution; simple-to-follow patient instructions; wooden applicators; and a technical insert.


Hema-Screen® Lab Pack

• Slide test for fecal occult blood
• Built-in positive and negative monitors
• Proven Guaiac Methodology
• Results in two minutes
• Long shelf life — room temperature storage


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We offer QuPID, QuPID Plus and QuPID Plus E.R., True 20 and True 20 Plus, QuStick Strep A, RELY H. pylori Rapid Test, RELY Mono Rapid Test, Occult Blood, and Urine Test. Please call to order or contact us online